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Bathroom Tiles in Cairns

Traditional Tiles & Flooring offer a range of bathroom tiles that can cover both floors and walls, as well as vanity surrounds and other areas. We have a wide range of styles and colours from which to choose so you are sure to find something that will easily coordinate with your home or business. There are many reasons why going with tiles in your bathrooms is a good decision. These can include:

Tiles will last for many years – Even a medium grade tile can last up to 20 years, making this one of the most durable flooring options available. They won’t scratch or scuf and they’re highly resistant to water damage since most tiles suitable for bathrooms have a glazed coating making them non-porous. Glazed tiles, unlike other natural materials, will not absorb water, rot, cause mould growth, twist or warp when exposed to extremely wet conditions. They will remain as attractive as the day you laid them for years to come.

Tiles require very little special maintenance – Unlike timber floors and even carpet, tiles don’t require any special cleaning tools or considerations. Heavy-duty tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic, they won’t be damaged by most household cleaners and they only require a wipe down to keep them clean. The only real maintenance they require is cleaning the grout occasionally to prevent staining.

Tiles don’t give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like some other flooring options can and they also don’t hang on to allergens such as dust, pollen, mould and mites. Any small amount of dust or dirt that lands on the tile’s surface can be easily wiped away. This prevents indoor air quality problems that can potentially lead to symptoms of allergies and asthma, especially for those who are already at risk.

Tiles are affordable. Especially when compared to how long they last compared to other flooring options, tiles are one of the most budget-friendly flooring options available. Just remember that it does pay to get a higher-grade tile for flooring since they are thicker and will resist cracking and other damage for longer.

Tiles come in a wide selection of designs. You can mix and match sizes and colours to create your own unique look however, they are available in a very large range of options. Traditional Tiles & Flooring offers a number of attractive options from which to choose so you can find something that perfectly complements your home.

Come into our showroom and have a look around or ask our experts for a consultation. We’ll help you find the ideal flooring for your needs and home design. Give us a call or come in today. We are here to serve you. While you are here, talk to our professionals about our installation services. We aim to provide the Cairns area with a one-stop solution for all flooring sales and installations. Call or stop by today!