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Tiles & Flooring in Cairns

At Traditional Tiles & Flooring we provide a wide range of flooring options to give your home that personal touch and we offer a vast selection of options to choose from. When looking at which flooring to go with, consider your personal style, the overall feel of your home or the ambience you would like to create. We are committed to providing the very best tiles and flooring at affordable prices.

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Our showroom is filled to the brim with quality flooring and tile collections so you have plenty to choose from. We provide many options in each range of flooring and will also install the materials for you, it’s our priority to make sure you are getting a professional look. We have everything from decorative tiles, carpeting, bamboo flooring, vinyl tiles and slats and much more. If there is a look you would like to achieve, we have something that will meet your needs.

High Quality Tiles

Quality is our number one priority for tiles in Cairns at Traditional Tiles & Flooring. That’s why we’ve spent time and effort on curating an elegant, attractive collection of different tiles to suit any home and budget. Whatever your choice of design, every option is thoroughly checked and approved to ensure it not only looks great but lasts in the busiest of homes and commercial properties.

Range of High Quality Tiles & Flooring

Update your home with new bathroom tiles, installed by Traditional Tiles & Flooring in Cairns.

Give your exterior space a stunning new look with outdoor tiles. Get in touch with Traditional Tiles & Flooring in Cairns for more information today!

Decorative tiles offer all the same benefits as standard tiles, but can be used in a variety of ways to promote effortlessly unique styles. 

Find interior tiles to enhance all the living areas of your home. Call Traditional Tiles & Flooring in Cairns today for more info or a free quote.

Carpet is a popular choice, especially for bedrooms and living areas. The soft and inviting nature of carpet adds a lovely warmth to any room.

Floating floors refers to flooring that can be installed directly over the subfloor, or sometimes over existing flooring including vinyl, timber or carpet.

Vinyl plank flooring is a contemporary option that takes on the look of natural wood but is generally much less expensive in cost and offers ease of installation.

Timber flooring is a great option, combining effortless beauty with practical durability, not to mention it can last a lifetime and adds incredible value.

Browse our wide range of flooring, from all types of materials and textures to colours. See our range of tiles, carpet, timbervinyl and more. 

When it comes to making an impact in your home, tiles from Cairns are the way to go. As a tile shop with local knowledge and an extensive collection of different tiles, our team at Traditional Tiles & Flooring is well-equipped to find amazing tiles that you’ll love for your home.

With some of the best brands in the business available in our showroom, there’s no better place to start for your home renovations than with us. Get in touch today or drop into our Cairns tile shop to discover beautiful tiles that will complement your home.

Tile Gallery

Call Traditional Tiles & Flooring for all of your flooring services and sales in and around Cairns
Our team are very happy to serve you.

Come into our warehouse and we will show you the various types of flooring we supply. You can then choose your preference and set up a time to have our installers come out and lay the flooring down for you.

We will give you an accurate quote ahead of time so you will know the pricing before we even get started.


Tiles are one of the most popular types of flooring, they are beautiful and also offer durability and strength that many of the softer types of floors cannot.

Tile flooring is highly resistant to water damage and are available in a wide range of styles, colours, sizes and textures. Whether you prefer ceramic, stone or porcelain, the range of tiles for each material is very large.

We provide tiles for flooring purposes, for splashbacks, shower walls, benches and more.

Bathroom Gray Tiles in Cairns, QLD
Kitchen with Faux Wood Tiles — Traditional Tiles in Cairns, QLD

We carry a large range of floor coverings in our showroom, there is something to suit any sense of style or purpose.

You can choose from timber floors, vinyl floors, carpeting and much more.

We aim to provide virtually any type of flooring you need so you can truly style your home based upon your needs when it comes to durability, colour, strength, texture and much more.

Get in touch today to view our full selection.

See what we have to offer before you step into our showroom.

Our online gallery features photos of many of our most popular styles so you can get a firsthand look at what we have available before you call in.

If there is a particular type of flooring or tile you are looking for, please give us a call.

We stock a wide spectrum of different, high-quality tile designs. We account for all tastes and design choices from simplistic and minimalist tiles through to ornate and natural-looking designs.

Whether your preference is clean lines and monotone shades or a riot of colour and fresh textures, we’ve got the tiles to suit your home.

Why should you opt for tile for your home or your commercial property? As a high-quality alternative to laminates and plastic-based flooring, tile is a step above the rest. Designed to last, look incredible and remain in top condition for years to come, tile is some of the hardiest material out there for flooring. If you want to make an immediate impact, there’s nothing quite like tile.

Easy to clean and even easier to maintain, tiles are the easy route for interior design. That means you get all the benefit of beautiful design without the upkeep and maintenance of more challenging flooring—the best of both worlds.

Tile is effortlessly fashionable, from the simplest of designs to the most complex of shapes and features. If you want to add value to your property, create a lasting impact and make you home instantly look more up-to-date, installing tiled flooring is the best place to start.

Carpet and linoleum can be hot and stuffy in the summer months, leading your home to feel muggy and humid. By contrast, tiles offer a cooling effect on your home spaces. Kitchens, bathrooms and even living spaces can benefit from tile – keeping the home cool and comfortable year-round.

Love the idea of floor tiles in Cairns? Then Traditional Tiles & Flooring is the place to start. Drop into our shop today or get in touch to find out more about the wide range of elegant tiles we sell.

Tiles FAQ

The world of tiling can be more complex than many would think at first glance, so below are the answers to some common questions. If the answer you need cannot be found below, feel free to contact us or give us a call at 07 4033 5520.

We have a wide and diverse range of tiles with different materials, shapes, and sizes. This includes tiles fit for the bathroom, the living room, and outside areas. The materials we use include ceramic, glass, and porcelain, all of which have their own unique benefits and place on the market.

It would be nearly impossible to encompass the entirety of our range on this website. The best way to see our full stock of tiles is to visit us at our Cairns showroom. Alternatively, you can get a feel for each type of tile on our Tiles page.

The first step would be to visit our aforementioned showroom in Cairns and try to find the tiles which are best suited to you. It can be a difficult process, especially when there is so much choice, so feel free to take all the time that you need. You may even decide that you would like to tile the outside of your property too!

Once you settle on your tiles and how you want them installed, simply purchase the tiles and we will get to installing them at a time that is convenient for you. It could not be simpler, and we pride ourselves on this efficiency.

You absolutely can. Our experts will be at the showroom to help you make the right decision based on your space and budget.

Our tiles are expertly crafted and uniquely effective, but there are considerations to take into account before installing them.

In addition to tiles, we can offer warm timber floors alongside a cheaper vinyl plank option. In addition to this, we can supply and install carpet for your bedrooms and beyond. We also provide natural sisal fibre and eco-friendly bamboo flooring. Though we specialise in tiles, they are by no means all we have to offer.

We have been working in that climate for 35 years, and people still love our floor tiles.

They are durable and perfectly able to keep the heat in during the colder months without overwhelming during the warm ones.

If tiles were not ideal for Cairns, we would be somewhere else.

We assist the entire Cairns region as well as its surrounding areas.

Even if you are on the outskirts of Cairns, there is a good chance we can still help you. 

Get in touch if you would like to check if we service your exact postcode.

Traditional Tiles has been in the business for almost four decades now.

The experience we have gained in that time has let us become a top name in flooring providers across Cairns.

With our wide assortment of tiles and other flooring options, it is no wonder that we are consistently trusted to help realise people’s dream home renovations.

We do indeed! Call us at 07 4033 5520, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!