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Carpet Flooring in Cairns

Carpet has been among the most popular flooring options for decades and for good reason. It is a highly versatile, comfortable and easy to maintain option for many homes and businesses. Carpet is also a very cost-effective flooring solution in many cases. Today’s carpet flooring is not only beautifully designed and soft underfoot, it is also often stain resistant, durable and designed to last for ages without the high level of maintenance some other flooring types can require. Traditional Tiles & Flooring provides a huge assortment of carpeting that you can choose from to update your home in whatever way you desire. We can help you determine which carpet flooring is right for you and even come and install it once you have made your decision.

There are many benefits to using carpet as your flooring of choice. These can include:

Carpet in House — Traditional Tiles in Cairns, QLD

The look and style

Many people prefer the look and feel of carpet. It adds warmth to the room and the look can be customised using colours, textures and pile heights. You can find hundreds and thousands of options from which to choose so the looks you can achieve are virtually limitless.

Sound buffering

Many people love that carpet offers some insulation against noise, especially when used on an upper storey. The carpet itself absorbs some of the sound, while the padding underneath enhances this effect.

Sound Buffering - Flooring Services in Cairns, QLD
Sound Buffering - Flooring Services in Cairns, QLD

Insulating properties

Carpet can help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer as it holds air away from the ground where it would normally be lost. You will find that rooms with carpets are generally warmer, both in feel and actual temperature.


If you have young children especially, carpet may be safer. Fewer slips and falls can happen on carpeted floors and those that do occur will be padded by the floor itself, so the chances of injury are lower.

Carpet - Flooring Services in Cairns, QLD
Maintenance - Flooring Services in Cairns, QLD


In many studies researchers have found that carpet can actually cost less to maintain than hard floors and that people spend less time cleaning them than harder floors. Most carpets just need a weekly vacuuming to maintain.


Carpet is one of the most cost-effective flooring options available. Even for higher-end carpets, you can expect to spend less on the flooring and installation than with other options.

Cost effective Carpet Flooring - Flooring Services in Cairns, QLD

When you are ready, we are happy to assist you in choosing the right carpet for your home or business. If you would like to speak with one of our flooring experts, we are here for you to answer any questions or to consult you on which flooring selections would be the best for your budget, project and home decor desires. We not only sell top quality carpets and other flooring, we also provide professional installation so you can get all the products and services you need from one convenient location. Call today for more information or come into our showroom today.