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Are you ready to give your home a whole new look? Update any room with brand new flooring. Start by contacting flooring installers in Cairns today, call Traditional Tiles & Flooring. We offer the largest selection of tiles and other flooring options in the area and our professional team are highly skilled and knowledgeable about all aspects of choosing and installing all types of flooring that we carry. We carry a vast assortment of tiles, timber, vinyl, carpet and bamboo flooring for your selection. Whether you know what you want already or you need a little help making a decision, our team is here to help. Call now for more details.


Is there anything that could go wrong when laying new flooring in my home?

Unforeseen and unexpected issues can arise with any installation. However, providing as much detail to the installers about the type of building, the purpose of the room and the type of floor currently in your home will help to prevent most potential problems from occurring. We cannot see what’s under your current floor covering or the sub floor so if there are problems with those, it could create unexpected challenges and costs. Find out exactly what is and is not included in the quote for your project.

I would like to have timber floors laid in my apartment, is this possible?

This depends on several things. You will need to check your strata laws and the Building Code of Australia to make sure this is permissible. Strata laws are designed to protect all owners so if adding a timber floor to your apartment makes the floor a lot noisier for your neighbours below or next door, you may need to consider flooring options that buffer that noise.

What is the most environmentally friendly flooring?

In terms of being kind to the environment while also having a flooring solution that works for you, bamboo flooring is a great choice. Bamboo is a regenerating grass that is very sustainable, because of this it makes an excellent alternative to traditional timber flooring. It’s also a beautiful product that works in well with most styles, it’s also cost effective and hard wearing.