Hybrid Flooring

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Hybrid Flooring in Cairns

A relative newcomer to our flooring selection, hybrid flooring is a revolutionary mixture of vinyl, bamboo, wood, limestone and sometimes other materials that are combined together to create a cohesive plank that offers the best qualities of each individual material.

It is considered a type of vinyl flooring but it can be merged with a wide range of other materials in order to give you the best attributes of vinyl with the benefits of the additional materials as well.

Hybrid flooring is comprised of multiple layers. The first layer often contains aluminium oxide. This allows it to have extra resistance to stains, UV rays, dents and scratches. The next layer is the one you see on the surface, it features whatever texture you choose – whether you have a plank that looks like timber, marble, ceramic or some other material. Beneath that layer is a core which is waterproof and rigid to give the plank more structure, similar to real wood or stone. In some cases, a final layer is added to provide cushioning and softness.

There are many benefits to choosing hybrid floorings. You will get the same waterproof properties as most vinyl floors, something that cannot be said for laminate flooring which can buckle and become damaged when exposed to excessive moisture. This makes them great for use in bathrooms and kitchens. They are also highly durable similar to laminate floors when it comes to scratches and other surface damage.

Most people find that hybrid floors look and feel much like the material they are intended to mimic, such as real timber. You can get the look of real wood without all the maintenance and combined with the best qualities of both vinyl and laminate. Hybrid floors are easy to maintain and only require routine cleaning such as mopping, sweeping and spot cleaning as needed. Since they have some of the softness you’d get with a solid vinyl floor, many people find them more comfortable than real timber or tiles.

One aspect many people appreciate about hybrid floors is that they are easy to install. In most cases they have a simple tongue and groove system that locks into place, so you only need minimal skill and equipment to get it done. Even if you do decide to hire someone else to install your floors, the easier installation means you will likely pay less for the job.

Hybrid flooring is stylish enough for any home and also offers the ultimate in durability and strength needed for commercial applications. If you are ready to get started with your new hybrid floors, get in touch with Traditional Tiles & Flooring today and we will be happy to help you find the ideal flooring for your needs or to provide a free quote. If you need help choosing which flooring options are right for you, we are more than happy to help you make the right selection for your home.