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Interior Tiles in Cairns

At Traditional Tiles & Flooring we service the Cairns area, providing the largest selection of interior tiles available. We know that your home is your sanctuary and you want it to reflect your sense of style and lifestyle. We have tiles in a large range of colours, sizes, textures and patterns to accommodate your unique tastes. We have heavy-duty tiles that are durable enough for even the highest traffic areas of your home. We have a huge interior tile selection in stock that you can browse through in our showroom, we also have professional installation specialists who will be happy to help you install your new tiles precisely and with care for a stunning look.

There are many benefits to using tiles vs other flooring options in living areas such as foyers, living rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms. The primary benefits of choosing tile flooring include:

Tiles are highly durable. Compared to other hard flooring options, tiles are one of the most rugged. They will not succumb to issues like scratches and scuffs the way timber flooring can. They’re also water resistant, making them the ideal option to use in bathrooms and other areas where moisture can be a problem. You won’t see any rotting or warping even when they’re exposed to standing water.

Tiles are cost effective. While the upfront investment may be more than certain other types of flooring, tiles are actually one of the most cost-effective forms of flooring you can get when you consider their longevity. With proper care, even the most inexpensive tiles can last 20 years or more.

Tiles don’t require a lot of maintenance. In high-traffic living spaces, other forms of flooring may be prone to scratches and other damage. Tiled floors will maintain their appearance and only require regular cleaning with a mop or rag, as well as occasional grout cleaning. Most household cleaners are safe to use on glazed tiles since they won’t absorb the cleaning solution or cause discolouration.

Tiles don’t negatively impact your indoor air quality. Some other types of flooring can hold onto dust, pollen and other allergens like mould and some give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful to human health. Tiles don’t cling to these substances, they can be wiped down easily if you notice any dust or debris build-up.

Tiles are versatile in terms of style. You can choose from a huge selection of styles, shapes, colours, textures, patterns and more. You can also mix and match various tiles to create truly unique designs that you won’t see anywhere else.

If you are ready to get new tiles for your home or business, contact Traditional Tiles & Flooring today. We are here for you every step of the way since our tile experts can help you choose the right options for any room or style. We also provide full installations. Give us a call today or come into our showroom.