Outdoor Flooring Cairns

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When designing your perfect outdoor space, it’s important to consider the flooring. With a huge number of outdoor flooring options to choose from, you might feel overwhelmed by the decision. At Traditional Tiles & Flooring, we can help you to make an informed decision on the right kind of flooring to use in your outdoor space for your whole family.


If you’re looking for professional flooring experts in Cairns to help you install the right outdoor flooring in your garden, just get in touch with us today at Traditional Tiles & Flooring.

What To Consider When Choosing Outdoor Flooring

Choosing flooring for outdoor areas is a little different from choosing indoor flooring, primarily because there are more factors to consider. Outdoor flooring needs to be more durable than indoor flooring, both because it’s more likely to take hard knocks and bumps and also in order to withstand the effects of weathering over the long term.

Outdoor flooring also needs to be water-resistant and easy to clean, as well as safe. Kids and pets are more likely to run outdoors, so looking for outdoor flooring that is slip-resistant is always important. Finally, just as is the case when choosing indoor flooring, it’s important to choose outdoor flooring that’s attractive and stylish and suits your space.

Outdoor Flooring Cairns

At Traditional Tiles & Flooring, we offer a wide range of outdoor flooring options for customers in Cairns and the surrounding areas. The type of outdoor flooring you choose will depend on the layout of your outdoor space and your lifestyle. Artificial lawn and decking can be used to create a natural, relaxed feel, while tiles offer durability and attractive design, and are a must near swimming pools. At Traditional Tiles & Flooring, we supply outdoor tiles that look great in a huge range of settings and spaces.

Outdoor Flooring For All Budgets

Our range of outdoor tiles and flooring in Cairns is carefully selected for both quality and value. We offer a wide range of flooring options to suit all budgets, ensuring that good quality, attractive flooring is possible for all homeowners. Outdoor tiles are a cost-effective way to install durable, long-lasting flooring outside of your home; they’re easy to maintain and built to last, which saves money on upkeep, cleaning, and replacement in the long term, too.

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At Traditional Tiles & Flooring, we are experts in flooring. Our professional flooring advisors can offer you expert advice and guidance on all flooring types, helping you choose the right flooring for your outdoor space. We can supply and install outdoor flooring, ensuring a neat fit and a flush finish on every job. Our professional fitters are experienced, reliable, and efficient. To discuss your outdoor flooring project with us and hear more about our range of outdoor tiles for your garden, just call us today and we’ll be happy to have a no-obligation chat with you about our range.