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Timeless Timber Flooring Cairns Residents Can Rely On

Our range of timber flooring at Traditional Tiles and Flooring has been carefully selected to perfectly meet your aesthetic and practical needs. Featuring some of the finest cuts of timber, we have a striking selection of finishes and boards for you to choose from. Take a look at our online store to see what’s currently in stock.

Timber flooring is the quintessential flooring option, offering a blend of aesthetic beauty and practical durability. Timber flooring, when treated well, can last a lifetime and adds incredible value and brilliance to any space. 

Whether you’re looking to add some character to your atrium or warmth to your living room, timber flooring is an excellent choice that transcends style trends.

The Benefits Of Timber Flooring

Opting for timber flooring offers an extensive range of benefits for your property when compared to alternative flooring options. The natural aesthetic that real timber flooring creates a warm ambience that is rich in character and incredibly inviting. It’s suited to all types of aesthetics, from traditional homes to modern offices. 

The high quality of timber flooring means that it’s built to last, and with proper care can stay with you for a lifetime. When compared to alternative options like vinyl flooring or laminate, there isn’t a comparison in terms of quality, longevity or looks – timber flooring is a cut above the rest.

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Robust And Durable

Timber flooring is a highly robust and durable flooring option that can resist scuffs, scratches and daily wear and tear with no issue. 

This robustness allows for character to develop in the grains of wood over time, adding a certain warmth and natural beauty to any space. If you compare an aged timber floor to an older vinyl floor, for example, you’ll instantly see the difference in quality.

Simple Maintenance

Maintaining timber flooring is an absolute breeze, and when it comes to keeping the area clean timber flooring is incredibly resistant to spills, dirt and grime. 

All that’s required to keep your timber flooring in top condition is a quick wipe-down and the occasional sweep to get rid of dust. When compared to carpeting, timber flooring is easy to maintain and keep clean.

Timber flooring is also much more hygienic than other flooring types. Pet dander, dust, and particles can’t get trapped in the wood grain. If you’re looking for a blend of simple maintenance and optimal hygiene, timber flooring is definitely the way to go.

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Timeless Aesthetics

Quality timber flooring offers a stunning aesthetic that’s hard to emulate with alternatives. There’s a certain warmth and natural brilliance that genuine timber flooring provides, and over time it even gains its own form of a patina. 

Timber flooring is truly unique, with subtle differences in wood grain and tone to make your flooring one of a kind. You can’t mimic this type of beauty, if you want to enjoy all of the natural beauty and practicality of timber flooring, you have to choose the real deal.