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6 Ways To Level Up Your Home With Decorative Tiles

Durable, low maintenance and flexible, tiles are not only for your flooring. With so many beautiful patterns, distinctive shapes and colours to choose from, they deserve some appreciation for being quiet decor heroes. Here are some creative ways to utilise decorative tiles in your house:

Tile Samples for Bathroom or Kitchen in Cairns QLD

1. Walk-ons

Decorative tiles are a great flooring option as they are beautiful and long-lasting. Tiles can create easy-to-clean surfaces that are also cool to the touch. If you live in a location with cold winters and chilly falls, look for tiles that be included with underfloor heating systems, so you can walk out of the shower into a delightfully warm tile floor.

2. Staircases and Walls

Decorative riser tiles make an entrance stairway stand out. Each riser can feature a distinct pattern of hand-painted tile, creating a rising patchwork of colour and design to welcome everyone who approaches the front door in old-world elegance.

3. Add them to Wooden Furniture

The interior of a shelf, the sides of a bar or the top of a table may all be lined with decorative tiles to add a unique twist. For example, if you wish to convert an outdated table top, use ornamental tiles to breathe new life into the table. Alternatively, make a statement with vivid Moroccan tiles, or mix and match complementing tiles for a more subtle impact. The right design will seamlessly blend into any decor style.

4. Headboards

The traditional textile headboards may be costly and appear worn out quite quickly, particularly if you have pets who are constantly scratching them. Opting for tiles instead is a stylish and functional solution. Plus, it may be a modern accent to rustic houses or a sleek complement to contemporary settings.

5. Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchens are often overlooked when it comes to house renovations, despite the fact that many of us spend a significant amount of time in them. Tiles are an excellent way to add colour, unique shapes and personality to your kitchen. The fact that they are simple to clean and do not easily stain is a significant practical advantage. Given how much oil and food waste may splash when cooking, decorative tiles are not only a practical but aesthetic choice for a backsplash.

6. On the Ceiling

Pressed steel ceilings and coffered ceilings were once magnificent and elegant statements. Taking tiles all the way up to your ceilings is a more contemporary and less expensive option for the modern day. A patterned or colourful tiled ceiling will draw attention and impress any guests in your home.

With these decorative tile ideas, your home should look anything but ordinary.

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