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How To Match Old Floor Tiles

Imagine starting your building renovation only to find you’ve run out of tiles, or that your old tiles have been discontinued. We know you want that to stay purely as imagination and not to be a reality, and that’s why at Traditional Tiles & Flooring we strive to make matching your old floor tiles as straightforward and stress-free as possible. If you’re wondering how matching works, read on for our simple steps.

Different Wood Texture Tiles

The perfect match

There are many reasons why you would be after a perfect tile match. Maybe you’ve run out of tiles and your particular style has been discontinued or has sold out. Perhaps you need to replace a damaged tile. Maybe you want to continue your existing tiles across a renovation or carry them into a new area of your home. Whatever your reasons, there are practical ways you can match your old floor tiles.

Scope out your storage

Perhaps when you ordered your tiles, you threw in a few extra boxes as insurance for any future renovations or repairs. Any previous owner of your home or the person who installed your tiles might have left some in storage for you to use, so it helps to check.

Order with us

If you ordered your original tiles with Traditional Tiles & Flooring, simply call us and quote the code on your invoice number. From this, we’ll be able to determine the exact tiles you ordered initially and whether they’re still in stock. If your tiles are available, we recommend you order a sample first to ensure an accurate match. Tiles are produced in batches and these can vary, so it’s important you make sure the tiles match if new ones have been made.

Visit our showroom

With an extensive range of tiles on display, our Cairns showroom is the place to come for all your flooring needs. Even if you ordered your tiles from somewhere else – and even if you don’t know where they’re from – we’re bound to have a close match available for you to consider. And we promise you won’t need to wander aimlessly through rows of tiles. Our expert team will help you narrow down style, size, finish and colour to quickly find the closest match or to order a batch sample.

New meets old

Sometimes, building or renovating is all about compromise. Tiles don’t have to make you feel like you don’t have options; knowing the design possibilities and keeping an open mind can help you craft unique matches you’ll surely love. Sometimes, a tile will become discontinued or there’ll be significant variations in batches. If this happens, you might feel yourself becoming frustrated at the time it takes to find a replacement. Why not embrace the situation with a fun mix-and-match to style a completely new look or to enhance existing features? Our design team can help you to find a tile in a similar colour that completes rather than clashes with your interior.

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