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7 Unique Ways To Use Decorative Tiles In Your Home

Have you thought about sprucing up your home recently but don’t know where to start? Applying decorative tiles to furnishings, walls and other forms of décor is a cost-effective and impactful way to refresh an interior space.

If you want some ideas on how to start your tiling project, take a look at these seven unique ways to use decorative tiles in your home…

A Decorative Tiles In Bathroom

1. Add them to a table

There are many benefits of adding decorative tiles to a table. Not only does the finish look great, but adding them to a wooden outdoor piece of furniture can help protect it from mould growth and increase its life span. It will also be easier to wipe your surface clean after a meal, making the table perfect for outdoor entertaining.

2. Lay them in the bathroom

Tiles are renowned for their use in bathrooms thanks to their water resistance, but this doesn’t have to be limited to tiles you have fitted on your floor! In a white bathroom, an ascending line of brightly coloured bathroom tiles on the wall above your bath, or even an accent wall behind your shelves or shower, can add a beautiful feature to your space.

3. Spruce up a fireplace

Most old fireplaces in homes are now redundant due to how harmful they are to the environment. If you don’t want to remove yours altogether, why not tile it to create a picturesque feature that brings something new to your home? Patterned tiles will make your fireplace appear as a work of art, rather than a forgotten relic.

4. Backsplashes

When cooking, a backsplash is a cluster of tiles behind your hob that catch the splatters from your pans and pots. Not only do they ensure your wall is not permanently stained, but they can add colour and vibrance to your kitchen space.

5. Murals

If you want to add an unusual, memorable feature to your home, consider making a large mural from decorative tiles. Buy some plain ceramic tiles and paint them to display some artwork of your choice, then adhere them to the wall of your home’s entrance. After all, you want to make a good first impression on your guests when they first walk through your door.

6. The space under your stairs

Decorative tiles fit wonderfully into stair risers, so you can create a work of art by sticking them in a mosaic pattern across each one. If you fancy something more coordinated, you could play with perspective and create a continuing image across them all, similar to how you made your mural above, which is sure to impress.

7. Bar tops

If you love hosting beer nights with your friends, then having a tiled bar worktop will certainly be a talking point among your guests. You can pick a chic, bold pattern that gives your party a sense of class, just like from the movies.

If you want to get started on refurbishing your home, why not get in touch? Traditional Tiles and Flooring are based in Cairns – we stock ceramic, glass and porcelain tiles perfect for the projects listed above!