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How To Choose Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles do more than just protect the walls – they offer a personal touch to your bathroom space and can help transform its atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for colourful or subtle, glamour or rustic, luxury or simple, bathroom tiles can change a space completely. In this guide, we run through what you need to consider and how to choose bathroom tiles.


There are plenty of materials to choose from when it comes to decorating your bathroom, but there are two main categories, man-made and natural stone. Natural stone tends to make more of a statement with boldness and character but does come with a bigger price tag and more upkeep in terms of cleaning and resealing. Consider slate for dark tones that could feature either on the walls or the floor, or if you want them to match, limestone is suitable for both with its warm finish.

For a cheaper option that typically doesn’t require as much attention, there are plenty of man-made choices that come in as many different patterns and colours as you can think of. Ceramic and porcelain are both very popular and come in both gloss and matte finishes. Just make sure you research the durability and slipperiness of materials before selecting them.


The choice of bathroom tiles means there is ample opportunity to add unique features, and textures are fantastic for this. Consider perhaps adding one strip of textured tiles around the shower or behind the sink to create depth within the bathroom. Overuse of texture can be overpowering, though, plus it is much harder to clean, so keep this in mind before launching in with textures all over the walls.

Colour & Pattern

Take some time deciding on a colour scheme for your bathroom that fits in with your home and consider how to implement this. Consider if you want a traditional white or dark tonal finish or more vibrancy with jewel tones like gold, purple or jade. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming – perhaps white gloss ceramic meets the occasional green accent tile, or your shower becomes a feature wall with patterned tiles of subtle tones.

It’s important to remember that the wall does not have to necessarily match the floor, too. They can be different colours or the same colour with different finishes or patterns but should complement each other.

Shape & Size

You don’t have to simply stick with square tiles. You could try rectangles for a brickwork effect, or hexagons for a unique and modern look. The size of the room doesn’t need to determine the size of the tile and, especially if using textures or patterns, this can really alter the finish. Consider smaller tiles for more intricate and detailed designs and bigger tiles if you want to keep it simple.

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