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Benefits of Tile Flooring at Home

Tile flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners in Australia, and there are several reasons why it remains one of the most used materials throughout the Western World. If you want to know more about why you should use tiles in your Cairns home, then Traditional Tiles and Flooring are here to help you understand some of the benefits of tile flooring.

Tiles are long-lasting

There is a reason that tiles have been so popular for so long, and that is that they have been used throughout the ages due to their long-lasting resilience. Roman tiles emerge from the ground today as tough as when they were fired, and porcelain and ceramic tiles are both extremely tough.

Tiles are durable

Unlike some types of flooring, including vinyl and hardwood, tile floors are extremely durable. They are hard to crack once in place, and a high quality installation from Traditional Tiles and Flooring can mean that the floor will remain in excellent condition for 20 years or more. Even if a single tile is broken by accident, it is far easier to replace than a whole piece of vinyl or a plank of hardwood.

Easy to maintain

Don’t want to spend hours of your life removing wax from a hardwood floor only to replace it? Want to mop spills dry rather than having water spread over a vinyl floor? Tiles are extremely easy to maintain and can resist all odours, dirt, and stains, and can be cleaned with a simple brush.

A number of different choices

Want a particular colour of tile, or a style? You can get pottery tiles that are shaped and painted, marble tiles that are expensive, and everything in between when you come to Traditional Tiles and Flooring. The choice is yours.

Environmentally friendly

Many homeowners want to make sure that the materials they use in their house are sustainable. Tiles can be made from products which are natural, meaning they do not have so severe an impact on the environment, and their easy cleaning means that you do not have to use bleaches or waxes to maintain their position.

Choose the perfect tiles today

When you are looking for the best tiles in Cairns, you have to speak to Traditional Tiles and Flooring. We supply a range of tiles for your bathroom, outdoor area, kitchens and more. today. We can help you to find what you are looking for, so reach out to us online or call 07-4033-5520 now.