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Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tiles for Your Cairns Home

Want to make sure that you have the best tiles for your Cairns home? If you are thinking about give your room a makeover and want to make sure that you make the right choices, then you need to speak to Traditional Tiles and Flooring. We can offer you a number of different options to help you select the perfect tiles. 

Consider your tiles carefully

In order to make sure that you get the best from your tiles, you need to think about the shapes and colours that you would like on your wall. Making the right choices is important, because buying tiles requires a big commitment, and you are unlikely to be able to change your mind once the pieces are installed. 

Choose tiles to match their placement

Not all tiles have to go on the floor, and so you need to find tiles that match your requirements. Some tiles are suitable for walls, while others are only designed for the floor. If you want to decorate your outside space, then you may need a different series of tiles. Have a clear idea of where you want these tiles to go, and the effect that they will display. Talk to Traditional Tiles and Flooring about your tiling choices. 

Go for impactful colour

If you want drama and style, then coloured tiles might be the ideal option. Grey or black tiles can hide dirt very easily, while white tiles expand smaller rooms. Neutrals, such as cream and stone can create a relaxed feel, while terracotta tiling on your floors can remind you of Mediterranean homes. Metal tiles are good for grammar and style, and richer colours like greens and blues can make a space more dramatic. 

Pick a good size

Now you need to think about the size of your tiles. Scaling your tyres correctly can be important if you wish them to have the right sort of impact. Small tiles are good for surfaces where the ground is in completely flat, narrow rooms are flattered by rectangular tiles and irregular shapes hide wonky walls. 

Talk to the experts

If you are looking for help with your tiles in Cairns, then you will need to talk to Traditional Tiles and Flooring. We can help you to find the perfect tiles for your home, so contact us today online or call 07-4033-5520 now.