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Bathroom Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

For many households, the bathroom literally is “the smallest room”! Whether you’ve got a smaller property, with a modestly proportioned bathroom, or have en suite bathrooms that are smaller than average, working out an interior design that gives a spacious, airy feel to a diminutive bathroom can be difficult. Our bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms can help you select tiles that give a more spacious ambience. Order tiles: (07) 4033 5520

Opt for tiles of a different size and shape

Walls look bigger when there are relatively few variations in colour and texture, which means that using smaller tiles isn’t always the way to give an impression of size. Grout lines can break up a wall, causing it to have a cluttered appearance. Some people find that opting for larger tiles can work well. Rectangular tiles can add height to a room, if laid with the short sides parallel with the floor. If you use smaller tiles, try to use grout that’s the same shade, in order to decrease the number of colour contrasts on the wall space.

White is not the only colour option

Traditionally, the advice has always been to tile smaller bathrooms in white, as white tends to make spaces look bigger. It also reflects the light, making the room appear brighter. Whilst white is a classic choice that always looks clean, some people find it can look a little harsh and clinical. In these circumstances, it may be worth considering an off-white tile, or a contrasting tile border at the top or bottom of a wall, in order to provide a splash of colour. A patterned tile can also work well, provided the pattern is small and not too bold. Marble-look tiles, for example, look stunning in almost any bathroom.

Consider mirror tiles

Used correctly, mirror tiles can reflect light beautifully and also make your bathroom look much bigger. An entire mirrored wall is a bold option, but one that can absolutely transform a smaller bathroom. Consider using small, mosaic mirror tiles for a stunning effect that also avoids the concerns some homeowners have about living with a full-length mirror in the bathroom. If you prefer, one or two smaller areas of mirrored tiles could provide some additional light as well as provide a handy bathroom accessory.

What about a tiled feature?

Whilst a bathroom that’s tiled in vibrant, strong hues may be overwhelming, there’s no reason why a bathroom that’s mainly decorated with a neutral palette wouldn’t benefit from a feature created from dramatically coloured or patterned tiles. The spashback area behind the sink, for example, is the perfect place to showcase some bold colours or a statement design. Some people match splashback colours with accessories such as towels or blinds. You may also wish to repeat the splashback motif in other areas of the bathroom, providing a coordinated look without excessive colour. We can source the tiles you need to create a beautiful bathroom, regardless of its size.