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How to remove tile from concrete floor

At Traditional Tiles and Flooring, we know a brand new floor can transform a room, and whatever type of finish you’re looking for, be it a smart new set of vinyl planks, the natural feel of sisal or some gorgeous ceramic tiles, we’re confident we have the flooring you’re looking for.

How to remove tile from concrete flooring

Having 35 years’ experience means we’re pretty sound when it comes to giving good advice too and one of the things we’re asked most is how to remove tiles from concrete flooring. We’ll be honest, it’s not always an easy job, but it’s not impossible, and our step by step guide makes it as simple as it can be.

How much tile needs to be removed?

If you just need to remove a few tiles, then you probably won’t need to source special equipment – you will need space to swing a hammer though, which can be a challenge in smaller rooms like a bathroom.

What tools do your need to remove tiles from concrete flooring?

The most important tool for tile removal is patience, but there are things that will help you on your way.

• Stay safe – strong gloves, safety goggles and a dust mask are essential. Knee pads and earplugs will make a long job less arduous
• Basic equipment – a club or drilling hammer make the job easier, and a two – three-inch cold chisel will be ideal
• Power tools – a hammer drill or rotary hammer will make the job quicker
• Large spaces – a big space or lots of room means it can be worth renting a special floor scraping machine
• Cleaning up – removing tiles is messy and a shovel and shop vac will make the job a whole lot easier

Getting started

Once you’ve gathered your tools and cleared the area, you can get started on removal. Anything that’s on top of the tiles will need to be removed, and it’s important to take care of anything that could be damaged, including yourself, so make sure you’ve got all your protective gear to hand.

1. Pick your spot

A loose or smashed tile is a decent place to start, or just a spot where the grout is less secure.

2. Take out a tile

Put your chisel into a seam, keeping it at a right angle. Hit the end with your hammer, and with a bit of luck, the tile will pop straight out. If not, you’ll have to hit a bit harder.

3. Keep going

When the first tile is up, you’ll just need to pick a direction and keep going – don’t be tempted to give up on a stubborn tile, it’ll soon come right once you get started.

Getting finished

After you’ve removed the tiles, you need to remove any old mortar or glue that was holding the tile in place. This can be the trickiest bit – you need to take extra care not to damage the concrete as you scrape away the adhesive. A hammer and chisel will do the job just fine, but you may want to consider using an air hammer for larger areas.

Get in touch

Removing tiles from concrete flooring is straightforward, but if you have any other questions, or want to arrange a free no-obligation quote for your new flooring, just get in touch.